"Shum^Shum: שם^שם 日出 BE LONGING" - an evolving installation by Yael Bronner Rubin

Curator, Sharon Toval's introduction to Shum^Shum:
What happens when Jewish and Chinese rituals meet in the mind of a multidisciplinary artist? Yael Bronner Rubin, has lived in Hong Kong for a number of years since graduating with a MFA, creating entire series influenced by the two cultures...
This is not an exhibition but an artistic move consisting of a number of events, ceremonies, sound interventions by the sound genius Nir Jacob Younessi, along with performance by the dancer Esti Politinsky, make-up ceremonies with The Lab's artists, and the opening of several peepholes for the general public.
Yael's artistic research traces the existence of the experiment in art, examining boundaries in the face of an evolving occurrence, while examining words such as belonging, continuity and longing. "Shum^Shum" is not a place, but an artistic state of buoyancy between the spiritual and the material, which places the audience perhaps a little confused but that is the price when examining boundaries.
The works on display will change every day and will be selected from the archive created by an artist in space, a kind of "holy ark" of the show.

The first days of the setup were inspired by the days of creation in Genesis. On the first day Yael touches the light in the space, in the second day moves thinking of water and reflections. On the third day she installed all the plants as a part of the performances design.

Sketches, water color, acrylic, metal leaf and mixed media, 20x30cm, 2020
The bridge between idea and reality begins with a pen and paper. These A4 watercolors helped me experience the space I longed to create in Shum^Shum. I mixed Jewish and Chinese iconography with my personal experiences.

Creating a new culture with stories simple enough to decorate vases. Symbols like the stone tables meet with Mount Fuji and my name Yael meaning ibex meet with many interpretations.  
לוחות הברית, the Stone Tablets, 10x15cm, archival inkjet print

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