Yael Bronner Rubin's work examines the intersection of culture, religion, folklore, and spirituality in her life. Born in South Africa, raised in Israel, and having lived for nine years in Hong Kong, her unique perspective is shaped by her experiences in these diverse cultures. She primarily works in photography, while also exploring mediums such as video, installation, and light work. Her experimental project Shum^Shum included collaborations with other visual artists, musicians and dancers. 
Yael's educational background encompasses art and education studies at Hamidrasha School of Art in Beit Berl, where she was honored with a scholarship from the Israeli Ministry of Education promoting dialogue between Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Arabs. She further pursued her artistic journey by obtaining an MFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong, where she was recognized with the Graduate Assistantship Award of excellence by the university.
Her artwork has been showcased internationally at the The Lab experimental art space, Raw Art Gallery, ANU Museum of the Jewish People, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong, Centre on Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington, and more. Her photography was selected for numerous juried shows including the Hong Kong International Photo Festival, The Independent Artist Greenhouse at Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair,Israel, and Graduates of Photography Schools, Tel-Hai Museum.
Throughout the years Bronner-Rubin has integrated community based projects into her practice. She has collaborated with organizations such as One Family assisting Israel's victims of terror, Vision First Refugee Community Hong Kong, Jewish Women Association Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, Limmud Shanghai and Beijing.
Contact info: Yaelbr@gmail.com

2011-2013 M.F.A. Photography, Savannah College of Art And Design (SCAD), Hong Kong 
2013 Artist workshop with Nadim Abbas and Qui Zhijie at Spring Workshop Hong Kong 
2003-2007 B.Ed. in Fine Arts ‘HaMidrasha’ School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel, 
2007 Artness School for Movement and Performance, annual program 
1997-2009 Ra’anana Dance Center Workshop and Other Direction performance group
2000 Metropolitan Museum of Art, Summer Course, New York

Solo Exhibitions 
2024 (upcoming) Do We Share the Same Moon?, South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town 
2021 שם^שם 日出, The LAB: experimental art co-op, Tel Aviv Curator: Sharon Toval 
2015 Foreign Body, the Stalk Room, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Curator: Maurice Chia 
2013 Daily Offering, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong SAR. Curator: Orly Rabi 
2013 There Is No Such Thing As Too Much. Digiart Project, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sharon Toval 
2011 Chicken Feet, Perfume and Tigers Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Noga Davidson 
2003 Self Taught, Hottentot Cultural Center Haifa. Curator: Dr. Glenda Sacks

Selected Exhibitions 
2023 Charachim, 42 Florentin, Tel Aviv. Curators: Reaction Time Group
2023 The Voice of the People - War Diary, Janco Dada Museum Online. Curator: Nitzan Shoval Aviri
2023 Storm of Brains, Royal Beach, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sharon Toval
2023-2021 Jewish Film Festival Posters, ANU Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv. 
2022 Weizmann Institute of Science, Rechovot, Israel. Curator: Yivsam Azgad 
2021 When You Slam Your Head Against the Wall , Artura gallery, Rupin, Israel. Curator: Dan Allon 
2021 The Exhibition that didn’t happen , Hanina Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator: Hagar Raban and Tali Kayam 
2016 Transient Ghost series, Slide Luck, Prague, Czech Republic (Juried) 
2016 Transient Ghost series, Slide Luck, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong (Juried) 
2015 Change - Seeds, Centre on Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington. Curator: David Francis 
2015 100 Hong Kongese Self Portraits, PMQ, Central Hong Kong. Curator: Rachel IP Hui-Yin 
2014 Holding, Ha'Chalalit, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sari Golan
2013 Silver and Ink, Mint Factory, Kwan Tung, Hong Kong.
2013 Control?  with All Yen Collaborative,Exhibition and art sale for Charity at Asia One Book Store, Chai Wan,Hong Kong
2012 SCAD Photo, Hong Kong International Photo Festival, Central, Hong Kong SAR (Juried) 
2011 Natural-Unnatural, Midrasha Gallery, Beit Berl, Israel.
2011 Vacuum Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nogah Davidson
2011 The Independent Artist Greenhouse, Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair (Juried) 
2007 Graduates Of Photography Schools 2007, Tel-Hai Museum (Juried)

2021 Yablaka art event by Nir Jacob Younessi Tel Aviv. Designer
2021 Wounded by Reality, Yoram Chisin solo show at The Lab. Portraiture photography
2021 Line in the Sand, Ayal Segal solo show at The Lab. Portraiture photography
2009 I’m Dancing on Your Grave, Nurit David solo show at Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv. Documentary film

Selected Editorial 
2014 CNN, Meet Hong Kong's Bagel Banker. Reporter: Sophia Yan 
2014 South China Morning Post, Something New. Reporter: Olivia Rosenman 
2013 Jewish Times Asia, Music From the Ashes. 
2008 Jerusalem Post ‘Path of Light’ 

2011 Savannah College Of Art And Design (SCAD), Graduate Assistantship Award
2003 Israeli Ministry of Education
Full study scholarship on account of excellence. The scholarship included an Excellence program promoting multiculturalism and dialogue between Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Arabs.

Special Projects & Volunteer Work 
2023 Volunteer Curator for artists that are victims of terror or wounded veterans hosted by Ra'anana municipality 
2021 Co-Curator of site specific exhibition 100 Years: Grands Moulins d'Israel including live performance
2017-2019 Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival: board of directors, brand development and visual communications
2013- 2014 Jewish Women Association: board of directors and visual communications 
2012-2015 Limmud- Jewish educational NGO, Participant, Presenter, Limmud Sheunghai & Beijing and Co-Producer for Limmud Hong Kong 
201-2013 Art classes at "Vision First, refugee community service". 
2011 Photographic Documentation of "Path of Light" a joint performance of a unique community of Hebrews living in Dimona, and a dance group from Raanana. 

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