E   C   H   O   o   .

ה ד י ם ם ם

Nir Jacob Younessi & Yael Bronner Rubin

ECHOo. is an interactive audio experience which alters the perception of reality, questions our senses and consciousness itself. 
We seek to engage the senses with a variety of  interventions focusing on hearing by adding sound effects to reality using earphones, as well as addressing sight, smell, touch, movement and taste.  

Demo video showing alteration to reality using earphones with sound effect and colored neon light. 
After Glow

Experiencing ECHOo. alters reality not only while one wears the earphones but for minutes and even hours after. Participants report an after effect. The brain re-checks reality, sights and sounds are richer and sharper, participants report a feeling similar to “opening your eyes after meditation”. 
We call this part of the experieance the After Glow. 

ECHOo. as a tool for a creation 

ECHOo. can be used in a jam session to explore music, dance and movement. The ultra sensitive microphone allows dancers to create a sound from movement and singers to harminses soft hums.
The video below documnents a 45 min jam session at שם^שם 日出 Shum^Shum instillation at the Lab in Tel Aviv, March 2021. The sound track in the background was made during this session.
ECHOo.  Live Interactive 

During Shum^Shum installation we invited people to experience ECHOo.  

In the photo, two visitors playing with gold leaf, note the earphones.
Younessi (on the right) ulters the sound effects and Bronner guided the participants. A singer (top right)  complimented the experience and added songs related to the installation. 

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